• Single Pool Operator

  • Pool Costs Reinvested as Pledge

  • Margin Capped at 3%


  • Est. 02/21/21

  • Nodes Hosted on DigitalOcean

  • Secure and Reliable Protocols

2021 GOALS

  • Grow with the Cardano Ecosystem

  • Participate in Project Catalyst

  • Support Other SPOs

  • Donate to SAFOD (see below)


Daedalus Wallet
Yoroi - Light Wallet
AdaLite Cardano Wallet

We will donate to the Southern Africa Federation of the Disabled (SAFOD).

  • Why SAFOD? - SAFOD is an established organization with a long history focused on advocacy for Persons with Disabilities. They are geographically in an area of focus that aligns with Cardano’s approach. They are an organization we have experience working with in the past and their work aligns with our backgrounds in medicine and public health.

  • How? - If we succeed in growing our stake pool and begin producing blocks, then we are committed to donating a portion of our margin to SAFOD. At minimum, we will donate quarterly using SAFOD's donation portal. If the amount of funds is significant, then we will work directly with our contacts at SAFOD to support targeted campaigns with their approval. Records of donation activity will be provided on this site as they occur.

  • Learn more about SAFOD at safod.net .